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Spotlight Series - GlassHartGifts

For this week's Spotlight Series, we caught up with Rachel Hart. Her jewellery business erupted from her creativity, which stems from her love for music and art. She hopes to be able to grow her business on a larger scale to eventually give a portion of her profits to charity. Read more about GlassHartGifts below:

Tell us about yourself!

Hi, my name is Rachel Hart and I’m the creator behind GlassHartGifts. I graduated with a degree in Music from the University of Edinburgh in 2018 and worked at the Usher Hall up until the pandemic. I’ve always loved being around live music, so being unable to work over the past few months has been a hard adjustment. During this time I started looking at new hobbies I could get into! I love being creative, whether it’s music or art, so making my own jewellery felt like a natural but still challenging step to take after dabbling in resin art.

How/Why did you come up with this endeavour, was there a particular ‘light bulb’ moment?

I always struggled to find earrings that were both suitable for my sensitive ears yet still fun and affordable. I had started using resin to create items such as coasters & combs and made the decision one night to branch out and order a few jewellery making supplies like metallic frames and silver-plated chains. After I realised how fun it was to make necklaces, I ordered some earring supplies, which really got the ball rolling! The process was really gradual but the moment I realised I wanted to make a business out of it was when I started getting some really positive feedback on the earrings I was making.

Was there one particular thing you did that you feel enabled the business to take off/gain traction?

There were few things that I feel had an impact on my business’ growth. Around a month after creating my Instagram page, I ran my first giveaway which boosted my follower count by double at the time. It definitely helped having really supportive friends & family and without their initial support and shares, I wouldn’t have been able to reach a further audience. I’ve also found that posting across multiple social media platforms has been a really positive thing as well as Instagram's advertising and promotion features.

What has been the most challenging/rewarding part of running your business?

The most challenging part is definitely finding a work/life balance and trying to keep on top of every part of the business. With the business being run from my phone, it’s hard not to feel swallowed by it at times but I’m learning to schedule my days more appropriately. It’s all part of the process! The most rewarding is definitely seeing people wearing the jewellery that I’ve

made, nothing feels better when someone is 100% happy with their order and I love getting the Etsy notification for new reviews!

Where do you see your business going in the future?

I’d like to be able to set up my own website and hopefully participate in some local markets around Edinburgh and Glasgow. A goal of mine is to be able to donate a percentage of my profits to charity, it’s at the top of my list for 2021!

Is there a positive aspect that has come out of this pandemic for you/your business?

Yes, the free time to start up! It’s a project I wouldn’t have even considered before this year so I’m glad it’s given me the time to experiment and figure out what I am passionate about!

How do you ensure you run your business with sustainable practice in mind?

All of my packaging is recyclable, re-usable or made from recycled materials and I try to buy from local Etsy sellers to avoid big supply chains and minimise travel emissions as much as possible. I always try and have ethical and sustainable practices in mind when coming up with new ideas!

Interview conducted by: Samara Fruitman

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